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Jupiter conjunct Uranus

New Knowledge and Sudden Opportunities

Kelli Fox

Fasten your safety belt, because you're in for a wild and exciting ride for the next few months! Your urge for freedom will be stimulated in a way that causes you to do some fairly unexpected and surprising things -- possibly even shocking to the people who are closest to you. Your mind is open and you crave new knowledge and understanding.

Restlessness and impatience are common reactions to this transit, because the old status quo suddenly seems so unbearably stifling; but a new reality has not yet been created. You may have some radical mental breakthroughs, seeing your life in a whole new way, through a lens or filter you've never used before. Your new view could definitely cause some disruption in your life as your outer circumstances adjust to accurately reflect the New You. These life changes will be easier for you to take than for those around you -- but that's okay, they'll catch up! Be on the alert for a sudden windfall or opportunity that you don't expect, or even a series of small good fortunes and encounters that bring a new influence into your life. Take advantage of the good luck and freedom that this influence brings.

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