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Jupiter conjunct Sun

On Top of the World

Kelli Fox

You should look forward to the coming months, because this period of time will bring you opportunities and benefits galore! You'll experience life lessons designed to increase your awareness and your world view. Astrologically speaking, this is considered a very lucky period!

Therefore, a major temptation during this period is to sit back, rest on your laurels and wait for the bounty to fall into your lap. But it's not quite that easy, cowboy. Not only do you have to be alert enough to recognize opportunities, you must also be active enough to capitalize on them. Endeavors you undertake now will bring you benefits and good returns well into the future, but be careful not to take on too much. It's good to stretch, but not until you break! If you have had a difficult period lately, the current energy will assist you in feeling more hopeful and optimistic, and in recognizing the growth potential of difficult times. It will also protect you, but this shouldn't be taken for granted. In general, you'll feel energetic, upbeat and eager to meet your future. This spell of luck and good fortune rolls around only once every dozen years, so take advantage of it -- and enjoy it!

Jupiter conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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