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Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Growing Steadily

Kelli Fox

This should turn out to be an excellent period for you, a time when you're able to enlarge the basic structures of your life and become more optimistic, forward-moving and ready to learn and grow. This is an outstanding time to expand your business or any of your personal endeavors, or to make positive, constructive changes in your life. The firm foundation and solid structure you've created will easily expand to incorporate your new visions and goals.

The past moves easily forward into the future, in a way that benefits you and those around you. Your social status may improve under this influence, so if you've been considering a more public life, now is the time to make that happen. Confidence in yourself and your contributions will soar, and you're very effective now in publicizing yourself and in establishing a base to grow from. You have the support of the universe at this time, which will be revealed via the support of other people and your own internal feeling of well being. Any inhibitions or lack of confidence that you previously experienced will vanish now, and you'll experience a sense of freedom that you've rarely known.

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