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Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Promoting Personal Power

Kelli Fox

Your ambition and sense of personal power are strongly stimulated during this influence, which only rolls around once every dozen years or so. Suddenly, the thing that matters most to you is how much you can achieve -- and you'll be able to accomplish a great deal for the next few months. You'll also be able to set things up such that your progress will continue beyond the duration of this transit.

In your personal or professional life, you can uncover resources deep within yourself that you didn't know you had, and you'll be able to utilize them to improve yourself and the matters you're involved in. A mentor or helper may arrive in your life at this time who will help you access your hidden powers and utilize them in your professional and personal growth. Expansion of your resources is key at this time, as is deepening your knowledge. Do not become so arrogant and confident of yourself that you forget how to listen to others for suggestions and advice; self-righteousness is to be guarded against at this time. Generally, though, this is a very positive period for you, a time when you're able to use the many gifts and talents you possess.

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