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Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Compassionate and Idealistic

Kelli Fox

Your idealism and artistry are peaking now, your creative output previously unrivaled. But that's not the main thrust of this important period. This influence subtly but powerfully ignites your compassionate, spiritual side, the part of you that is most in touch with nonphysical reality.

You are easily moved by stories of trouble, loss and sorrow, and you will donate as much time and money to charitable causes as you can afford -- and probably more. Your emotions run close to the surface and you are frequently moved to tears. If you are a person who doesn't cry much, this can be upsetting, but very cathartic. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed by all the pain you see in this world; when this happens, you may be tempted to try to escape from the world by various means. As long as your methods of escape aren't bad for your health or the health of others, it's okay, but one problem with this influence is that you may not know when to stop. Boundaries become murky and you can be in trouble before you know it, so keep company with someone who is less emotional and more grounded than you are right now. That will keep you safe while not diminishing your compassion.

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