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Jupiter conjunct Mercury

A Stimulated Mind

Kelli Fox

You are in an outstanding period, mentally. Your mind expands to an extent you never thought possible. You're able to see the biggest picture, inclusive down to the tiniest detail.

Never was there a better time for you to begin a class or course of learning, because this activity favors embarking upon your mental journey into the future. Your mind is more free, more adventuresome, more curious than ever before. You ask the right questions and pursue truthful answers. Travel is an excellent way to put yourself in the arena of learning, because you find yourself in new situations with unfamiliar people: the perfect situation to explore and expand your mind, experience and relationships. If there is one teeny danger to this time period, it's that of exaggeration. Be careful not to become overblown in your speech or embellish your stories too greatly. Also beware the feeling that you 'know it all,' because this is a sure sign of self-righteousness that prohibits further learning or mind expansion. Generally, however, this period helps you feel optimistic about your future and assists you in commerce, communication and connections.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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