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Jupiter conjunct Mars


Kelli Fox

Your physical energy is off the charts for the duration of this period, so this is a grand time to kick-start your exercise routine or step it up a notch. You'll be unstoppable; you'll feel surges of energy flowing through your body. You can accomplish much during these few months, because your ambition is highlighted, your optimism is increased and you're ready to greet the future with open arms, embracing life as it comes to you -- or as you reach out and grab it with both hands!

You're enterprising, determined and confident, creating a positive impact on others with your enthusiasm and initiative. All projects that you begin now will meet with success, as long as you attend to the details. This is an important point, because you're better now at visualizing the perfect future than you are at outlining a practical path to get there. If there's one problem with this transit, it's the tendency to take on too much. You may exercise too hard and strain a muscle, or accept a big project at work without realizing you need help on it. If you can moderate your ambitions and appetite just a bit, you'll accomplish a great deal during this transit.

Jupiter conjunct Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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