Libra Daily Horoscope

January 21st, 2020

It's a great day to educate yourself on a subject that fascinates you. Even better, you might stumble into something you never expected would capture your attention -- and a whole new world opens up to you. This could happen when you're reading, browsing the Internet, or having a casual conversation with someone. This is one of those days when life and the truth could end up blowing your mind.

Intensity: 59%

Mood: believe

Keywords: startup, internally


January 22nd, 2020

Stay focused on your long-range goals today. If at all possible, everything you do now should be a step toward a long-cherished ambition. Any extra moves that take you away from that path, or that simply don't relate, are just wasted energy. Don't worry -- this is true only under the current influence! Staying focused now makes goofing off so much sweeter in a day or two.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: intense

Keywords: totalitarian, tyrannical


January 23rd, 2020

Living up to expectations is extra important today. Thank goodness, this shouldn't be too difficult for you. Neither should digging down to find your self-discipline. You're conscious of what others require of you, after all. And you want to fulfill their wishes. Still, it's a good idea to think about what you want and need, too. You're working toward your own future, after all. Fulfill your duties to yourself as well as others.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: disgusted

Keywords: bureaucratic, strict


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