Libra Daily Horoscope

September 20th, 2018

At work today, you won't get a lot done if you have to work on your own. You're more responsive to meetings and group efforts, where you can discuss interesting ideas and brainstorm as a team. You're also perfectly fine with hanging out in the break room and chatting with whoever happens to drop by! And that's okay. Sometimes, the best, most creative and unique ideas strike when you're just riffing with someone inspiring.

Intensity: 63%

Mood: advantages

Keywords: overflowing, deserve


September 21st, 2018

You're rarely one to make waves. You want everyone to get along, and most days, you're willing to put your own needs second if that's what it takes to make that happen. But today, a bit of rebellion is welling up inside you. You're feeling energetic and intellectually tuned in, and personal freedom isn't just a nice concept -- it's a necessity. Claim your liberation! Just try not to burn any bridges in the process.

Intensity: 63%

Mood: know and trust

Keywords: both ways, shared


September 22nd, 2018

Your kind heart receives a boost from the universe today, and you feel even softer than usual. Help someone who can use your generosity, but make sure to respect your own boundaries at the same time. It is possible to go overboard with compassion, and now not only is it possible, it's easy. Do what you can, but don't worry if you feel it still isn't enough. You've done a good deed.

Intensity: 69%

Mood: appropriately

Keywords: honesty, penalties


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