Leo Daily Horoscope

May 24th, 2019

There's an oddly unemotional tone to your relationships today, as if the ardent emotional core of life has cooled. This doesn't sit well with you, since you're a naturally passionate, expressive person. If someone close to you suddenly seems aloof, you might respond with intense feeling. But heated displays won't go over well; now more than ever, people are uncomfortable with conflict. The good news is, any strangeness will blow over soon.

Intensity: 87%

Mood: choices

Keywords: ask around, moment's notice


May 25th, 2019

The spirit of revolution infuses your soul today. You have an urge to toss anything familiar out the window, and invite fresh energy and experiences into your life. This is good, within reason. It's smart to switch up your routine every now and again, to avoid getting stuck in a rut. But making sweeping changes purely for their own sake isn't advised. Anything you've worked hard to establish deserves to be preserved.

Intensity: 87%

Mood: angle

Keywords: take action, switch


May 26th, 2019

Your romantic streak is as wide as a river today. If you're coupled up, it's a great time to sleep in with your sweetie or spend quality time together. If you're single, focus on your ideal relationship. Envisioning the kind of connection you hope to have with someone will help you create it in reality. Just make sure your expectations aren't too idealistic! Base them in reality, not pure fantasy.

Intensity: 69%

Mood: placid

Keywords: bashful, restless


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