Leo Daily Horoscope

June 25th, 2017

Spend time with family today, or your closest friends -- you know, those people who might as well be family. You aren't in the mood for the company of strangers. In fact, having to chat up someone you don't know could make you nervous, despite your natural warmth and charm. So stick to familiar people and places as much as possible today. Soon, you'll feel outgoing again.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: comical

Keywords: initiates, ambitious


June 26th, 2017

You're feeling footloose, but don't innovate for the sake of it. Anything you start today should be heartfelt. Make sure that any move you make is for a good reason -- and ego-stroking doesn't count! Right now you can create things or launch projects with utmost passion, so you should really direct that toward something worthwhile -- a long-term goal you'll still relate to in a week's or month's time.

Intensity: 85%

Mood: educated

Keywords: brilliant, powerful


June 27th, 2017

Getting together with friends is even more fun now than usual. Even going to school or work is rewarding: Everyone's paying attention to you, and you're shining brightly. But while you're expansive, you know your limits. Use that skill to pull it all together today. If you're focused on achieving a goal, you'll let your actions make a statement. That, in turn, will draw not just admirers to your side, but allies -- people who can help you get where you're trying to go.

Intensity: 85%

Mood: ironic

Keywords: assertive, will


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