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Venus trine Uranus

An Exciting Love Connection

Kelli Fox

The love you two can create will be electrifyingly unique, especially for you. You'll feel very turned on by this person, picking up, as you will, on their sense of originality and fun when it comes to romance. The way they go about relationships is quite different from anything you've ever experienced or thought of before, and they will certainly keep you on your toes, just as they did in a past life.

Then, their one-of-a-kind style of loving may have excited you, or it may have made you nervous. If it was the latter, that karma has been resolved, because in this lifetime you'll be able not only to accept their unusual ideas about romance, but also to smooth out any rough edges they might have. If they're the type to run, for example, anytime their freedom seems about to be curtailed, you can help them to realize that you don't want to pin them down; you just want to build a solid, loving relationship -- and one that's fun, that will provide great expression for the wonderful creativity that you two can inspire in each other. This journey together toward trust may have a few bumps along the way, but it will almost certainly be a great ride for you both.

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