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Venus trine Saturn

Relying on Each Other

Kelli Fox

There is a wonderfully practical, grounded side to your relationship, one that you'll both be able to rely on even during rough times. You were a solid couple in another life, perhaps even business partners in a successful venture, and the trust and affection that you developed together then has carried through to the current life as a very positive and enduring foundation to your relationship. You might both begin thinking immediately of a sweet, long-lasting bond, because you'll simply click well from the start.

You'll know you can rely on your partner, and you'll bring sweetness, style and affection to their life, which they'll appreciate. Feeling as if you can trust and rely on them will help you to make a deeper, more lasting commitment, if the relationship goes in that direction, and their appreciation of your romantic and affectionate nature will help them to commit to you as well. With this aspect, you can blend responsibility with pleasure and create a balanced, loving, trusting and harmonious bond. With such a strong foundation, you'll both be able to treat the relationship as a solid home base as you each pursue your individual dreams and grow toward your own karmic destinies.

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