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Venus trine Pluto

Personal Transformation Through Love

Kelli Fox

There's a good chance that your connection with this person will deepen past the flirting stage, because you'll feel powerfully attracted to them, picking up on strong reverberations from an intense past-life connection with them. If your relationship does continue, your emotional journey together may not always be fun or easy, but it will end up changing your life in some positive ways. The karma you two will enact together has to do with your own reluctance to face down your deepest psychological issues.

You have an idea of the love you want to create with someone special, and it's likely that this vision of yours doesn't include intense soul-searching and raw, sometimes uncomfortable honesty! But while you might think you prefer the hearts and flowers of love, this person will help to put you in touch with that deeper stuff -- the emotional honesty that can make you so uncomfortable, and yet will help you to deepen as a person. Expect a journey of personal transformation if you get involved with this partner. Your path together may involved difficult issues and feelings, such as jealousy, possessiveness and commitment, but if you can work through them together, you will both come out stronger and more well-functioning people on the other side.

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