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Venus trine Neptune

Unconditional Support and Affection

Kelli Fox

You will be able to create a loving, intuitively connected bond with this person, because the emotional support you gave one another in another lifetime has carried over to this one. This person may even have been your parent or grandparent in a past life, or someone else who provided you with selfless nurturing. A romantic connection in this life will incorporate that same love and selflessness.

This person will inspire gentleness and compassion in you, and you will want to return the favor of their unconditional, unwavering comfort. This emotional bond will be one of your gifts as a couple, one that will help you through difficult times in the relationship such as arguments or misunderstandings. This sweet and loving connection will help you both feel as if you do understand each other at an intimate, almost subconscious level. Also, don't ignore the basic creativity of your bond. Art, music, performance, dance and film will all be great enhancers of the love connection you'll make with each other, and your connection itself will be inherently creative. Focus on these elements to intensify this affectionate and supportive element of your bond.

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