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Venus square Uranus

Make Your Expectations More Realistic

Kelli Fox

At first, this might seem like exactly what you're looking for -- the exciting, electrifying connection you crave. You'll want to jump into this relationship, this person, headfirst, and hang the consequences. But soon, echoes from the past will begin rearing their heads as your wonderful, exciting affair turns rocky and unstable.

In a past life, you tried to establish something long-term and satisfyingly stable with this person, but it was like trying to ride a bucking bronco without a saddle. All you were able to achieve were moments of bliss, broken up by chasms of uncertainty and unpredictability. Those old feelings of yearning, need and upset will come up again and again if you get involved in this life. Everything that attracts you to this person in the beginning -- their individuality, their energy -- will be the qualities you lament when things run off-track. But rather than trying to fit the round peg of this unique relationship into the square hole of your expectations, you would be much better off learning, once and for all, that not every relationship is meant to last. So you might not put down roots with this person; so what? You can learn a lot from them in the meantime, not the least of which will be how to stand on your own two feet in a love affair -- and how to stop trying to merge with someone who just isn't interested.

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