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Venus square Saturn

Fear of Rejection

Kelli Fox

A betrayal from a past-life affair will sour your connection in this life. That old, bitter residue of pain and yearning will be present between you from the start if you become romantically involved again, and your partner will seek to control you this time around so that they won't experience that kind of pain at your hands again. This could be a subtle occurrence, or an overt one; either way, controlling each other is no way to ensure that things will go well between you.

In fact, doing so will only perpetuate this painful karma that you share. You'll notice that when you try to reach out romantically to your lover, you'll be rejected in some way. You may even stop reaching out to them in that way altogether, waiting instead for them to make an advance on you. But if you can recognize that their rejection isn't personal -- that it's actually a reflection of the insecurity they feel inside, because you're pressing their affection and commitment buttons -- then you may be able to avoid internalizing the rejection. On the other hand, staying in this relationship for any length of time could be rather depressing if you don't try to communicate about your partner's fears and resolve the karma that's between you. Remember that a sense of obligation won't be a positive reason to stay together. Try not to commit to this relationship until you're certain that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

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