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Venus square Pluto

Working Through It Together

Kelli Fox

Get ready for some intense feelings if you become intimately involved with this person, because with this karmic tie between you, a light, casual connection will be nearly impossible. If you get into this relationship, you'll already be in deep, because you'll hit upon this person's intimacy and dependency buttons in a major way. It's likely that, subconsciously, they'll remember you from a long-ago love affair in another lifetime, one that went badly due to betrayal or some other heartbreak.

That old hurt has carried over to this lifetime in the form of romantic control and obsessiveness: Whether figuratively or literally speaking, they won't want to let you out of their sight. They could become quite jealous and possessive of you, which actually may be attractive at first -- such intensity of feeling can create the sense that you're closely bonded -- but as time wears on, you'll become frustrated with their inability to trust you or to allow you to be your own, independent person. This will be tough to deal with, but it doesn't have to spell the end of the relationship. Dealing with this issue, however, will have to be a team effort, one that relies on clear communication of all your feelings and fears -- even those deep, dark ones that neither one of you wants to bring to light. If you can work these issues through together, this could turn out to be a truly transformative experience for you both.

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