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Venus square Neptune

Take Your Time

Kelli Fox

You may never be certain of how this person feels about you, and the confusion swirling around your connection will wear on you. The truth is, the fault will be more squarely on your shoulders than on your partner's. You'll idealize them and the relationship, and any indication that you receive that things aren't progressing in the way that your fantasies dictate will leave you feeling sad and baffled.

On the other hand, it's quite possible that your partner will behave in confusing ways, or that they will actually be dishonest with you; they certainly did in a past life connection with you. That's where all this strange, deceptive energy comes from: You were misled in another life and relationship with this person, and that old wound still hasn't completely healed. That doesn't mean you can't heal it in this lifetime, however. In fact, if you become intimately involved with this person, you should take the chance to clear things up between you once and for all, so that this energy doesn't carry over into future incarnations and pairings. For starters, try to resist the siren call of 'love at first sight.' Take your time to get to know this person, and reveal yourself to them slowly as well.

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