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Venus sextile Uranus

An Unusually Inspiring Connection

Kelli Fox

You were likely friends in another lifetime, or even creative partners on some grand and unusual project. Those qualities -- the thrill of invention, the pleasure of inspiration -- will carry over into your present-day connection, infusing your bond with a sense of excitement. This will certainly influence your physical connection; your mutual sexual attraction will run high and you'll find this person's unpredictable energy to be a real turn-on.

It's possible that this connection will turn into just a stimulating friendship, but if it continues as a romantic affair, this aspect will keep things electric between you. But even if this turns out to be the romance of the ages, a feeling of fun and friendship will always underscore your bond, because that's what you came from in another lifetime and what you can continue to build in this one. It's quite possible that this person's unusual way of living life will influence you deeply. Even if this is a short-term relationship, it could inspire you to break out creatively in your work in ways you'd never considered before.

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