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Venus sextile Pluto

Setting Boundaries

Kelli Fox

You'll feel drawn to this person from the beginning. Their energy, their essence, their very aura will pull you in with a fascination that will be hard to resist, and you'll feel held in the sway of their personal power -- right where they want you. They will also want this connection to get intense fast, because both of you will be responding to deep echoes within your subconscious minds of another time and place, when your lives were intertwined.

Then, as now, this person held you captive, whether literally or emotionally; your feelings for them were powerful and your connection was hugely important to you both. In this lifetime, though, while the dramatic attraction you'll share once again will feel significant and compelling all over again, your partner will sometimes take it too far when it comes to their emotional demands. Subconsciously, they will try to recreate that old, potent bond, even before the two of you know each other very well in this life, and before you know how to defend yourself against their intensity. This relationship, should you pursue it, will be a lesson in both loving intensely and also setting and maintaining your boundaries.

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