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Venus sextile Neptune

The Gift of Compassionate Idealism

Kelli Fox

Together, you will continue the work you two began in another lifetime, in which you worked tirelessly and selflessly to help those in need. In this life, you'll continue to inspire deep compassion and sensitivity in one another, and you can focus those gifts on others outside the relationship as well as on each other. Nurturing will be an important part of your association, just as it was so long ago; and while you could simply enjoy this part of your connection within the confines of your relationship, you would learn more and spread greater good by turning it outward to the world around you.

One of the lessons inherent in this kind of connection, in fact, is learning to differentiate the good causes from the lost ones. With the sort of idealism you'll inspire in each other, it will be easy to go overboard, wanting to alleviate the suffering of every bird with a broken wing that you encounter. But doing so can create a savior complex, not to mention the fact that it's simply unrealistic: Not everyone is able to be saved. Traveling together on that journey toward compassionate understanding will be a deeply bonding experience that you'll both remember for the rest of your lives, regardless of where this relationship goes.

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