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Venus quincunx Uranus

An Uncomfortable Connection

Kelli Fox

Old karmic energy still resonating between you will make your connection uncomfortable in the present life, just as it was in past ones. At first, this feeling of tension will be difficult to identify; you'll simply come to realize that you aren't very romantically compatible in some basic way. Maybe this person isn't your usual type, but you're interested anyway.

Maybe their style of affection both attracts and repels you. Or maybe they'll turn out to be just a little too different from you -- independent and unpredictable in a way that will begin to seriously grate on you. This could take a number of different forms: You might feel unreasonably jealous of them, or possessive of their time. You might feel annoyed by them so frequently that it will be hard to remember why you're attracted to them. But these differences don't have to break the relationship, especially if other factors between you help you to develop a close bond. In fact, these differences could ultimately be eye-opening, but it will take a conscious effort at compromise and understanding. If you can make that effort, you'll take the lesson with you to the next life -- of how to accept someone in your intimate circle who sometimes seems like a stranger to you.

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