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Venus quincunx Saturn

Establishing a Shaky Trust

Kelli Fox

Trust and romantic security will be issues between you. Your lover's fears and insecurities, based on bitter past-life experiences with love, will get in the way when you try to make a fun, sexy connection with them. They might reject your advance out of fear, or they may just not respond; it's possible that what you think is sexy and romantic is so different from their idea of the same things that your advances will go right over their head.

They may disapprove of public displays of affection or some other way that you behave romantically, and after some time, you may stop trying to be romantic altogether. If you're shot down enough times, after all, it can become impossible to get up again. Security in the relationship will be important to your partner, but you'll find it hard to want to make a commitment to someone who's so rigid in their romantic responses; unfortunately, your growing reluctance to commit will likely only make your partner feel more vulnerable, perpetuating this cycle of resentment and distrustful karma. The only way to improve your karma and your relationship will be to try to communicate about your feelings and your partner's, and to arrive at some sort of compromise. Understanding each other will be difficult, since your romantic instincts are so divergent; but if you care enough about each other, you'll be able at least to understand that your lover is afraid of rejection, and that's why they're rejecting you first.

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