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Venus quincunx Pluto

Separating Attraction From Connection

Kelli Fox

Long ago, you were lovers in another lifetime and place, and that old bond between you could make you feel attracted and connected in a big way in this life -- at least, in the beginning. If you make the mistake of committing before really getting to know each other, you'll only end up repeating the same old mistakes from the distant past. You'll know this is happening when the telltale signs start to appear: A familiar frustration will arise between you, and you'll begin to realize that you've become deeply involved with someone that you not only don't know well, but whose emotional responses to life you hardly even understand -- and perhaps even someone you're not very attracted to.

Your expression and experience of passion and affection is certainly very different from theirs, which is much more intense and controlling -- and yet, they did hold fascination for you when you first met, which means there will still be room later for compromise, provided that you're both interested in working things out. If this relationship endures, you'll end up having to learn a lesson about the connection between affection and physical attraction. You may have to learn to feel passion for this person despite a lack of attraction at that superficial level.

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