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Venus quincunx Neptune

Compromising Long-Held Relationship Ideals

Kelli Fox

Your connection may not be 'love at first sight,' because you aren't exactly each other's ideal physical types. Your attraction will be based on other factors, which is arguably a good thing, as beauty is only skin-deep, as they say; it takes other, stronger building blocks to form a solid foundation for a relationship. Except over time, you'll both come to realize that you're incompatible in some ways that weren't obvious right off the bat.

Though you're both looking for a relationship in which you'll be appreciated for more than your looks alone, you may find in this one that you've striven too hard toward that goal. In a past-life connection, you valued each other only for your looks and shared a bond based in vanity. It's good that, consciously or subconsciously, you're attempting to move away from that old vice, but you'll likely swing too far in the opposite direction and find that you're simply not very attracted to each other this time around. This relationship may also pale in comparison to your subconscious memories of that old, idealized connection in other ways. Making this work long-term will mean both of you working hard at compromising long-held relationship ideals.

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