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Venus opposite Uranus

Develop Your Own Independence

Kelli Fox

This particular past-life connection between you can seriously undermine the stability and intimacy of this relationship, because old difficulties long-buried in your subconscious minds will come into play again as you become involved. At first, the attraction between you will be kinetic and heady, and the relationship will progress quickly. But while you may be thinking, 'At last -- here's the exciting, sexy partner I've been looking for, the one who can keep me interested!' -- they'll be thinking something very different, more along the lines of 'This seems like a fun diversion, for the moment.' Try not to take this relationship for more than it is, and try also to see this person as they truly are, not as you wish they were.

You might want things to develop into a stable and long-lasting connection, but that may not be able to happen, especially if you keep pursuing them while this person tries to make it clear that they need their independence. Instead of getting caught in a push-pull trap, try to take an honest look at what's really attracting you toward this person. If it's their very energy and independence, then it's a sign that you need to develop those qualities within yourself rather than seeking them in a partner.

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