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Venus opposite Pluto

Experiencing Intense Emotions

Kelli Fox

Intense emotions will be par for the course with this relationship, so don't expect a casual, lightweight involvement. This bond will have an all-or-nothing quality to it. With this person, you'll go to the heights and the depths of human feeling, from incredible love and attachment to the pain of jealousy, possessiveness and possibly even betrayal.

If all this sounds or feels familiar, don't be surprised; you'll only be living out echoes of an old, long-forgotten connection with this person from another time and place. Now, as then, your sexual connection will be incredibly compelling, but it's almost as if you won't be making love with each other; rather, you'll be connecting in this physically and emotionally potent way with your own subconscious memories of who this person used to be -- that lover you were linked with so long ago. As a result of that past-life connection, the chance of projections will run high in this relationship. If you want to develop a lasting and healthy bond, you'll both have to commit to honesty and kindness. You, personally, will also have to face the depths of your own need for connection and dependency -- a need that your partner will read and respond to subconsciously, unless you can develop the strength needed to bring it out into the open.

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