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Venus conjunct Uranus

Don't Expect the Impossible

Kelli Fox

Infatuation is likely as this relationship begins; you'll feel strangely and utterly attracted to this person. The physical connection between you will be very strong, as long-submerged memories of a past-life love affair begin to resonate within you again. As those old feelings reawaken, however, so will the yearning quality that you had to endure then -- because now, as then, something will stand in the way of being truly, intimately together.

Yes, this bond will be very exciting at the start. You'll feel as if you've tapped into something amazing and rare, and in fact, you have; but that has nothing to do with either intimacy or longevity. In a past life, you were unable to be together for anything more than short, ecstatic moments; in this life, you'll still be unable to create a lasting bond, unless there are plenty of other stabilizing factors to help override this much more erratic one. Otherwise, this attraction between you may erupt quickly and burn out fast, in a blaze of glory. Your partner is independent enough that they'll take it in stride, but you may be left in the dust, wondering what happened. Try not to expect the impossible, and take this bond simply for what it is.

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