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Venus conjunct Pluto

A Sense of Fate

Kelli Fox

Don't delude yourself into thinking this will be a fun, lightweight, casual affair. If you get involved, you'll go to the heights but also the depths with this person, experiencing the ecstasy as well as the agony of love. From the start, you'll feel drawn together by a passionate attraction so powerful that it will be hard to resist.

If you sense that you've shared this love before, you'll be correct: In a past life, you two were intimately involved, but it wasn't all soft sighs and sweet-smelling roses. Something dramatic occurred between you -- a betrayal, most likely -- and the balance between you hasn't yet been settled. In this life, you'll sense that old, powerful bond in a feeling that you're somehow fated to be together. Through the course of your relationship, this person will hit all your internal, subconscious buttons regarding love, passion and the raw emotional honesty of a romantic affair, and you'll certainly hit theirs. They won't let you do anything at the surface level in this connection; they'll try to take you down into the depths of your feelings -- most often, your feelings toward them. You'll find that your partner is emotionally manipulative; they will need to engage you on that level of sex, emotion, attraction and even repulsion. Possessiveness and jealousy are very possible in this relationship, as is emotional control. If you choose to stay in this affair long-term, you'll have to figure out how to break those old karmic bonds once and for all. First off, don't allow your lover to dominate you -- even if you get a certain sexual kick from their intensity. You'll have to give up some of that compelling feeling of fatedness in order to achieve greater equality and personal freedom.

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