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Venus conjunct North Node

Sweet, Healing Love

Kelli Fox

Just by loving your partner in the way that will come naturally to you, you'll help them move forward along their evolutionary path. Perhaps they were hurt or betrayed in a past life, and your love has been sent to them as a gift in this life; there certainly will be a real sweetness between you, a sense of love and affection, of creativity and kindness. You'll show them how much you care for them through your tender and romantic ways, and your values in terms of relationships will help your lover to learn more about the kind of person they want to become and the type of relationships they want to create in the future, even if yours ends up being a short-term affair.

They will feel healed by your love at a deep and important level. There will be a sense of idealism created when you two come together, as if anything is possible. You may feel as though you've found each other after a long search, which is likely to be true. You certainly do have a lot of positive karma to add to this person's life and future, whether you end up figuring in their present for very long or not.

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