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Venus conjunct Neptune

Seeing Past the Illusion

Kelli Fox

The adoration you'll share in this life will echo the deep, swelling love you shared long ago, in another time and realm. Those old vestiges of devotion will make themselves felt again in an overpowering, consuming, reasonless connection. Your lover will place you high up on a pedestal, showering you with almost worshipful attention and affection.

Fulfilling? Yes. Dreamy? Absolutely, but you still need to watch out for yourself in certain ways in this relationship. Since this swelling sense of love between you will be based on a long-past relationship that you shared in another life, it won't really have all that much to do with the people you've become in this one. So while you'll feel incredibly romantic toward each other and irrevocably connected, there will still be the need to keep your chins above water, so to speak. For one thing, it will be best not to commit to each other until you truly know one another for the people you are today -- not the ones you remember subconsciously from so long ago. If you stay together, this will end up being a lesson in learning to see past the illusion to the reality within.

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