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Uranus trine Venus

A Unique and Exciting Connection

Kelli Fox

You'll excite your partner in ways they may never have experienced before, at least, not in this lifetime. You were romantically linked in another life, and either things went so badly between you that you've been granted a break in this lifetime, or else you turned them on then just as you will this time around with your unique style of loving and your interesting, sometimes even out-there ideas. The latter is much more likely, because this link between you will be too sweet to come from romantic upheaval.

Your partner will feel turned on whenever you're around, and this will create a sense of excitement that pervades the whole relationship. You may not realize it, but your relationship style is very much your own, and this person will click right in with it. They'll love it when you do something spontaneous and original -- a romantic picnic on a mountaintop, perhaps, or sketching their portrait on a napkin at dinner! Creativity, in fact, will be a focus between you. Just the natural way that you live your life will encourage this person to get in touch with their own creative brilliance, and you'll help to draw that talent out of them.

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