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Uranus trine Sun

An Exciting and Creative Connection

Kelli Fox

If ever there was any troublesome karma between you, left over from a past life, that had to do with freedom, independence or individuality, it's been resolved by now. In this life, your effect on each other will be a freeing one. You'll encourage your partner to be truly and uniquely themselves, and you'll inspire them to live life in whatever way is right for them.

Especially if they have insecurities or other issues with self-esteem, you can really help them to come out of their shell and be comfortable in their own skin. In return, they will respect your own need for freedom. In fact, they'll look up to you and will admire your unique qualities. Their admiration of your individuality will make you shine, creating a wonderful feeling of interest and kinship between you. From there, things will only get sweeter! You'll find that you have plenty of interests in common, and you'll find that this person can help you to turn even your most out-there, abstract flash of brilliance into something workable and concrete. Your connection could be quite creative and exciting for you both.

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