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Uranus trine Mercury

Encouraging Each Other's Brilliance

Kelli Fox

Your personal brand of brilliance will click right in with how this person thinks, and together you'll be able to come up with some truly creative projects. At the very least, you'll both enjoy your fun and interesting conversations, which will range far and wide as you encourage each other to think big, think weird, think wild! Your partner will be especially turned on by your genius; you'll seem excitingly unique to them, and they will be inspired by the ways in which you push right through intellectual or mental boundaries to the great unknown that lies beyond.

You'll get a lot out of this connection as well, just as you did in another lifetime, when this person gave form and function to your crazy ideas. Now, as then, they will lend you their logic and help you upgrade what might have been just a fleeting stroke of genius to something that's actually plausible in the real world. So have fun together! This relationship will teach you to express your flashes of brilliance, and will teach your partner to think further outside the box than ever before.

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