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Uranus trine Mars

Let the Games Begin!

Kelli Fox

Your creativity plus your partner's energy and drive will make a fun combination -- if one that heats up from time to time! Your tempers might get the best of you occasionally, because you both have strong personalities that mesh well. But that's all just part of the fun.

You had a dynamic, healthy interaction in a previous lifetime, so you both understand at an instinctive level that in each other, you have nothing to fear. So let the games begin! Your most inventive ideas will be given form and function in this relationship. This person must have helped you bring your ideas into concrete form in a past life, because they'll fill that role in this life quite readily. Their sense of ambition will excite you, and your originality will stimulate them intensely. In fact, this connection between you could really spice up your sexual connection, bringing a flavor of adventure and excitement to your bedroom fun -- again, echoing a past-life connection; long-forgotten memories of the adventures you shared in another time and place will quicken your blood and make for another fine adventure.

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