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Uranus square Sun

True Personal Freedom

Kelli Fox

You two will find that you're quite different, and you may even decide you're not a good fit romantically -- at least, if you don't pay some attention to the karmic issues between you regarding individuality and rebelliousness. It's possible that in a past-life connection, you betrayed your partner's trust, leading to their present-day fascination yet wariness of you. You symbolize something simultaneously compelling and scary to them: true personal freedom.

They may not realize it, but they crave this quality for themselves, and the fact that you embody it will both tantalize them and upset them at a deep level. This will come out in various ways: If you're late for a date, they'll think you're unreliable. If you get upset with them, even about something valid, they'll think you're behaving erratically. At base, you'll challenge their own sense of security or even tradition -- which could be the type of shaking-up that they truly need. But unless you're emotionally invested in the relationship, you may not want to give them that lesson. Either way, do try to be honest with them, and don't resort to passive-aggressiveness in the form of unpredictable behavior. That will only fuel your partner's distrust, and will do nothing to resolve the old, troublesome karma between you.

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