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Uranus square North Node

Acting as a Catalyst for Positive Growth

Kelli Fox

Whatever else your connection might be, it will certainly involve some drama. Your individuality -- the ways in which you think and behave that are different from the people around you, and surprising to them -- will likely both excite and frustrate your partner. On the one hand, they may look up to your unique creativity.

On the other, they may find you somehow inaccessible or have difficulty understanding you. Their karmic development in this lifetime depends on a certain set of lessons, influences and other factors, and your influence on them may end up being that of a catalyst for positive change -- even if that happens through showing them exactly how they don't want to think or behave. Your partner is questing for personal truth and enlightenment, and the parts of you that take them off guard could distract them from pursuing that enlightenment. Or, perhaps you'll shove them even more firmly forward on their path by being an example of who and how they don't want to be. This could be a frustrating process for both of you, but one with potential for positive results, whether or not your relationship becomes a meaningful, long-term connection.

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