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Uranus square Mercury

Learning to Accept Your Uniqueness

Kelli Fox

Your brilliance may end up flying right over this person's head, though initially, it's what will attract them to you. They will find your ideas charmingly eccentric -- that is, until they grow closer to you, and the karma you share starts humming to life. In another lifetime, you espoused ideas that they thought were far too radical, and the same will be true in this life.

They'll gradually come to see your odd ideas as untenable, and you'll actually make them nervous during conversations that, to you, are simply interesting, exploring various subjects and ideas that intrigue you. Over time, you could even begin to seem obnoxious to this person -- willfully thinking outside the box, whether or not that's true. You'll likely begin to seem them as an intellectual stick-in-the-mud, because they'll so consistently try to stifle your creative thinking. And then you'll be at an impasse, just as you were so long ago, deep in the layers of time. The sense of impatience between you will begin to make the relationship itself seem unsustainable unless you're able to talk out your differences. Your partner will have to work hard to accept your unique outlook.

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