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Uranus square Mars

Residual Anger

Kelli Fox

Old, residual feelings of anger will come up in this relationship, especially on the part of your partner. Your independence will naturally push their internal, karmic buttons, and rather than accepting who you are, they'll want to control you -- to push you into a little box just so they know what to expect next. But if you were to let that happen, neither one of you would be happy, as all the warmth and spontaneity would be drained out of the relationship.

So submitting to their volatile feelings isn't the answer, but neither will be willfully throwing your freedom in their face. Being uncooperative on purpose will only make things worse between you, and certainly won't help to resolve this karmic issue that you share from some previous lifetime. Instead of deliberately provoking your partner and engaging in argument after argument with them, find a way to assert your independence in a way that's honest and true to you. The best they can get out of this relationship will be a lesson in letting you be the person you are and delighting in all your unique facets, rather than trying to crush your individuality.

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