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Uranus sextile Sun

Turned On

Kelli Fox

Your partner will be especially turned on by your sense of independence and creativity, and the things you find most exciting -- the art, music, books and so on that speak to you at an individual level -- will speak to them as well. They may even help you to define your ideas more coherently than you have in the past. You'll both love the conversations you'll get into, because they'll excite and enlighten you both.

Where does all this exhilarating energy come from? The bond you shared in another lifetime must have been positive indeed, because the connection you'll build in this one will feel both comfortable and stimulating. Just as you did in another time and place, you'll open your lover's eyes to possibility -- to all the excitement and adventure that they seek but may not have found yet. You'll help them to define themselves as an individual, because your own individuality will inspire them. It's possible that you served as their mentor in a past life, because they'll view you with those same shining eyes in this one, and their warm attention will make you feel wonderful.

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