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Uranus sextile Saturn

Limited Only by Imagination

Kelli Fox

Your partner has a certain way of doing things, a way that generally works for them. When you come into their life, you'll show them brand-new, inventive ways of going about things, which will be an exciting learning experience for both of you. You'll provide an enlivening, creative influence for the relationship, and they'll help to ground you in reality -- complementary strengths, to be sure.

You could even take this connection beyond romance and start a successful business venture, if you wanted; you blended your strengths in a past life, after all, and used your creativity and your partner's practicality to come up with a unique partnership, product or service. You can do so again if you choose. If you keep things strictly romantic, you'll still enjoy the interplay between inventiveness and sticking with tradition; between high-flying ideas and being grounded in reality. Inspiration combined with a realistic outlook can lead to great things. Working together, you're limited only by your imagination.

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