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Uranus sextile Mercury

Learning to Apply Logic to Creativity

Kelli Fox

In another life you worked together on a project that was cutting-edge -- some scientific advance that utilized brand-new concepts or technology. You could make the same connection in this life; that same sense of excitement and discovery will still exist between you, and you'll both make each other feel mentally turned on and creative. Your innovative mind, especially, will be an inspiration for your partner, and their way of putting things into coherent, cohesive form will be a lesson for you in turn.

But even if you don't end up putting this positive mental connection to use in any concrete way -- designing your dream home, perhaps, complete with up-to-the-minute architectural innovations that are environmentally sound as well as aesthetically appealing, or launching an artistic or humanitarian organization together -- you'll still have some great, wide-ranging conversations. This person will help you to express yourself more clearly than you might on your own, and you'll encourage them to think outside that proverbial box.

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