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Uranus sextile Mars

Applied Brilliance

Kelli Fox

Your brilliance will shine in this relationship, because your partner will be stimulated by your originality. Your ideas will inspire them, just as they did in another time and place, too long ago to remember. You two were involved in this other life, and your ideas put together with your partner's energy and drive made a formidable combination.

In this life, that sense of energy will persist between you. Your best ideas will find concrete form when your partner gets a hold of them, and you'll add your unique dash of innovative genius to their goals. The sense of adventure between you will be strong and compelling, because truthfully, what won't you be able to achieve when combining your individual strengths? Your sexual connection will also be sparked up as well, as you both subconsciously recall the passion of your past-life affair. The best that this relationship can bring you is tangible applications for your brilliance, and the best it can bring to your partner will be a strengthened sense of their own unique personality and creative drive.

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