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Uranus quincunx Sun

Craving Yet Fearing Independence

Kelli Fox

Your natural sense of independence will end up upsetting your partner, because it will subconsciously remind them too much of a previous life, when you two tried and failed to establish a meaningful, lasting relationship. Even if the forces that held you apart back then were beyond your control, they still left their mark on this person, who will see you in this lifetime as being attractive and yet unreliable. They may even feel the urge to try to pin you down or control you, which you'll resist -- and that will make the issue worse between you.

In fact, as long as both of you continue to react on instinct or out of habit, neither one of you will be able to learn your karmic lesson from this relationship. The lesson inherent in your bond has to do with individuality and intimacy. It's possible that you'll resist intimacy with this person, either due to a deep-down fear of commitment or simply to an unconscious reenactment of that old dynamic between you; it's also possible that this person will be so attracted to you because you represent to them a quality that they crave: independence. Talking out your feelings and needs will be the best way to work through this problem and resolve it once and for all.

Uranus quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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