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Uranus quincunx Saturn

The Struggle Between Independence and Reliability

Kelli Fox

Though initially your lover may be attracted to you precisely because you're so different from them, over time and as your relationship deepens, your innate creativity and independence could send their insecurities into overdrive. This won't be a new struggle between you, either; it's left over from another lifetime, in which you failed this person just when they needed you most. Whether or not this was your fault is irrelevant at this point; even if circumstances were out of your control, not being able to rely on you when they needed to left a deep impression on your partner's soul that has lasted through to this life.

Now, the better they get to know you, the more your sense of independence will set them on edge. Their commitment to traditional systems and structures will make it difficult to accept the ways in which you stray outside those conservative boundaries. Your presence in their life will, over time, really push their buttons regarding insecurities over responsibility and reliability; and they'll push yours regarding your own need for freedom, to be the unique, creative person you truly are inside. If you care about each other enough you'll be able to work this out, but it will take time, patience and cooperation on both sides. You'll both find it hard to communicate about these issues because they'll be so deeply rooted that they will be hard for either of you to define; but doing the work of putting your feelings and perceptions into words will greatly help the situation, and your relationship as a whole.

Uranus quincunx Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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