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Uranus quincunx Mercury

Learn What You Can from Each Other

Kelli Fox

The way that your mind works will seem so unusual to this person that it will actually make them uncomfortable. Even if your outlook utilizes your own brand of logic, to them, you'll seem as if you rely solely on intuition. Your 'leaps of faith' will seem to them to have no basis in reason, and your conversations will likely devolve into tense debates.

A further extension of the problem will be that, as creative as your partner's thinking might be, you'll grow to see them as stuck in the mud of logic and 'proof.' Will either of you be correct about the other? It's much more likely that you'll both be subconsciously remembering a connection from another time and place, when you pitted your intellects against each other rather than working together, thereby creating feelings of distrust and tension on both sides. It would be much better if, in this lifetime, you could each work to appreciate the other's thought processes, and learn what you can from the way that they think.

Uranus quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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