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Uranus quincunx Mars

Learning to Accept, if Not to Understand

Kelli Fox

Your partner will have a hard time giving you the space that you need in order to feel comfortable in this relationship. You also may find that your sexual needs aren't entirely compatible with theirs; they may perceive your tastes as a bit 'out there,' and it's even possible that your sexual interest in them will be erratic at best. If the tension that arises between you as you become more intimate feels familiar to either of you, that's because it is -- in another lifetime, your relationship went badly, and your partner, especially, was very upset about this.

Perhaps you blew hot and cold, making them feel rejected and angry. Whatever happened between you, their instinct in this lifetime might be to try to keep you under their control in some way, but they'll find that to be impossible. You are your own person, and that's as it should be. The lesson here is for both of you to be yourselves while accepting the other. If that's not possible, simple compromise will have to do; otherwise, you'll struggle against each other as your partner pushes to get things their way and you resist their efforts to change you.

Uranus quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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