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Uranus opposite Sun

Learning to Blend Intimacy with Independence

Kelli Fox

It could be tough to get the amount of space that you'll need in this relationship, because your partner will unconsciously recall the connection you two shared in another life, when you let them down in some way. Perhaps you ran from commitment; maybe circumstances simply wouldn't allow you to be as reliable as they wished you could be. Whatever happened, they developed a feeling of disappointment and distrust that has carried over to this lifetime, which will influence your relationship again.

Your old, now-unconscious urge for rebellion will also be reawakened, and you'll both find this experience even more difficult because each of you will expect the other to feel the way that you do, and have similar needs to yours when it comes to intimacy and independence. But you're quite different, as you'll find when your relationship continues and deepens. The good news is, you can both learn a lot from this potentially difficult pairing, if you care to. For your part, you'll have to learn how to claim your alone-time and your unique way of thinking even while building and maintaining a sense of togetherness with your sweetheart. Those elements don't have to be mutually exclusive, and you can learn that through this relationship. In doing so, you'll also have a positive effect on your partner. You'll show them by example what it is to rely on yourself first and foremost. Once they learn that lesson, they will find it easier to rely on you, but not get so disappointed when you aren't available to them.

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