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Uranus opposite Saturn

Independence Clashing with Tradition

Kelli Fox

Your lover clings to the systems and structures that make them feel secure, in part because of past-life experiences with you in which, whether due to inability or aversion, you couldn't follow the standard, traditional path, which ended up costing them some great price. You may have wanted to be dependable for them, but outside circumstances pulled you away; or you may simply have wanted to follow where impulse led you, even though you knew this person -- your lover, perhaps, or your child or friend -- was waiting at home for you, needing to rely on your help. That old, painful connection will still make itself known between you in this life when your partner tries to set rules and systems in place in your relationship and you do everything you can to break them.

Making this work could be difficult for you both, because as much as your lover will need a sense of stability, you'll need not to feel hemmed in. The kind of friction and conflict that will result will likely be painful for both of you, but it will be the kind of frictional pain that can lead to something better, stronger, in the end, if you both care enough to make that happen. If this is to work, you'll have to respect your partner's need for security and help them to build it up, in part by following at least some of their relationship 'rules.' And they will have to learn to respect your independence, in part by working to develop a greater sense of inner security. The best that can come of this will be a mutual sense of understanding that allows you to help your partner break out of their routine from time to time, and also to accept their grounding influence in your own life.

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